Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 6, 2015

Daily missive for Monday the 6th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 6th of July.

In remembrance for the tragedy of tomorrow,
so soon after Tunisia and all those who have lost someone.

It is not a cup of kindness.
But a drain.
A desperate, teasing whirlpool.
And no matter how
You try to keep it filled
Faith struggles to keep up.
There is a constant drip.
A chipping away.
The loss of good memories,
The elusiveness of a voice,
That can never change,
Just your recollection.
The disappointment
And resentment
With every dawn that breaks,
As each new day
Bears the scars of old heart ache.
And never an answer to satisfy
The silent word, the unasked why,
Forever attached to the tip of your tongue.
It is a constant thorn in your side,
A chronic disease,
A debilitating lower back pain.
A subtle twinge and vicious reminder
That you may never dance
With the same abandon
Sigh and hum with satisfaction,
Sated with joy.
Or linger over the little things,
In quite the same way,
Not without a pause,
For thought.
It is not easy, to
Laugh too long or freely,
When even the end
Of a less fretful day
Ends with the familiar,
Dead eyed, hollow fall into a
Shallow pool
That is the home of fitful sleep
And the lies it tells.
The uplift of whimsy,
As you glide into a
Familiar gentle space,
A moving passage
That resounds to the echoes
Of times long gone,
Unless it really
Was just yesterday.
But the truth still burns
In your heart
And the haunting
Returns to leave its card,
Marked in the darkening
Cries of morning.
The weeping of lost souls,
Drowning in sunlight,
As the way of things
Is remembered
To be just the same
As it ever was,
When hapless survivors awake
From the pit of a guilt
That was never theirs to dig,
But theirs to take
And they suffer to carry
The filthy earth
From that grave, unto the next
As an undeserved
Until the end of forever.

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