Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 6, 2015

In paperboats of life~by Nutan Sarawagi



In paperboats of life

In cheaper coats
as we make paper boats
which were cheaper than paper
in dreams of our life
to dream up our lives
we lived so small
yet bigger than our lives
of ideals we held
lighting up our lives
to never go
as we looked downcast in them , laid out in our eyes
in our lives for life !

Wasn’t then a bliss
no matter how hard were our lives !
as people revelled in love
which was cheaper than life !

now we love no more
all love gone from our life !
replaced by lust , greed
as we ask for more , in our life !
it never leaving us
as we in us , grieve for our life !
overtaken by more greed
the greed to possess
to never let go , in our life !

to be never replenished as we lie
in our greed even more
taking away
giving nothing back to life !

as we die in our greed
our greed , taking us back to our life
in whose greed
we lie taking our own life , from our life !

in our greed , as we lie no more
gone out of our own life
to find in our greed
looking forward to another life !

hoping in it , to fulfil our death wish , of our life
in our greed for more in life
as we lie in our greed
dead in our own lie !

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