Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 6, 2015

Lake Sunapee~by Paul F. Lenzi



Lake Sunapee


"Lake Sunapee Boat Dock" Painting by Ken Fiery From

“Lake Sunapee Boat Dock”
Painting by Ken Fiery

skyblue rippled
summer surface
clouds captured
like shimmering
five thousand
tranquil high
altitude acres
pristine gift of
glaciers whose
solemn retreat
made magnificent
work of their
passage enticing
the ancient
arrivals of hunters
of fishers the hardy
the stalwart untamed
tribes of man

clear deeply
chilled waters
teased lightly by
wingtips in glide
of the swift
great blue heron
by crisp jibe and
tack of sleek
cutters and sloops
under sail
these soft shores
crouch enshrined
by dense forest
green towering stands
of pine maple and ash
among elegant
granite erratics
inviting our pleasure
inducing our reverence


  1. “inviting our pleasure
    inducing our reverence”
    That poem is beautiful and love the last lines. The painting is wonderful as well. In fact it was the painting that enticed me to drop in and read the fabulous poem. 🙂

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