Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 8, 2015

Daily missive for Wednesday the 8th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 8th of July.

Keep it simple.
Life is complicated enough
Without intellectualising
& over analyzing
Every single thing.
Tell me, for the sake of argument,
Why do you do that?
What purpose does it serve?
When the first person
You need to impress,
And the last person
You will ever fool,
Is yourself.
The harder you try
The easier it is to fail
That particular, unsympathetic
And unscientific, litmus test.
Every time there is an additional
Over and above
The original thought…
Which in truth
And when it comes down to it,
Is only done to illustrate
There is more to you
Than meets the eye…
The more fraudulent
And inauthentic
Your feelings will become.
Stay close to who you are
And what you know to be true,
That will say more about you
And keep the message,
The soft underlay, of all your meaning
Inherently honest.
You may never be an academic,
A bone fide scholar
Einstein or Shakespeare,
Invent a new world order.
But whoever did that
And what good did it do.
Originality is a rare gift,
It lies in truth
And is within the province
Of children.
Nurture yourself
As you would them,
And be true to
The dreams of the child
That resides in you.
They know the words
And all of the tunes
To the simple songs,
And they too,
Would like the chance
To hear you…


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