Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 10, 2015

Daily missive for Friday the 10th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 10th of July.

There is restlessness
Even in good times.
When the sun is high
And the ice tinkles
In the glass,
Calling time on abstinence,
The day calls out
For the recklessness
Of yesterday.
When the spirit
Was hot,
And the flesh
Could so easily
Be persuaded
To marinade
In its own juices.
Oozing with the promise
Of a secret, sticky recipe
To titillate the senses,
The highlight
Of an alfresco
Barbeque sizzle.
The kiss of sun
On the back of
An uncovered neck
Loosens the stiffest collar,
Emboldens even the
Most mild mannered,
And acts as an excuse
For licentiousness,
Most unbecoming in
Polite society.
On days when
The sun is high
And you fly from the city
To look for freedom,
The heat from the engine rising,
Distorting the air above the hood,
The radio playing happy songs
That float on a restless wind,
And tug at the edges
Of the early years,
When dream chasing
And irresponsibility
Was the stuff of life,
The hot sun,
A reason to have fun,
Not a garden party,
As nice as that
May be,
Even when you are content,
Without intent,
Something happens,
A change of wind
A whisper in the air,
And just for a moment
You hanker for
The open road,
The throb of a Harley
And the smell of the sea.
Listen up now
Let this moment be
And come away with me.












  1. summer and restlessness seem to go together.

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