Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 10, 2015

LIGHT HAS MANY NAMES~by Rajendra Padhi




Light has no other name but called in so many names
Mingling with grass in the morn it becomes green,
I am in the garden to see its mask of vastness in form
It casts my shadow so little scaring my ignorant self.

When the sun departs saluting world in the west
My eyes move round the lamp shining in darkness,
Whisper softly “I lie within you in your wintry days
Sparkle in the clouds showing path for your lost feet”.

I am ever at play with life making pathways bright
How I wish it were morning for such joyful sight!
People seek their dreams blooming all the way
Drowning silence of night in little noises of hope.

I feel the light of my thoughts travelling far
Each of it like star guiding me through the dark nights,
O! My little lamp, you keep me safe to walk without fear
Little is the moth flickering light for birds in nest.

I watch stars like flowers in the dark lake of the sky
Twinkle in darkness revealing beauty of light,
Appears like God in many forms in the color of the rainbow
We win the cloudy days mingling tears with sun in eyes.

Composed and copyright By Rajendra K. Padhi


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