Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2015

Getting Married~by rldubour



Getting Married


To the parents of the groom and parents of the bride.

Mom just empties the bank account and Dad just sits and cries.

The planning of the wedding, there is so much to do.

Bridal shower and a stag, church, rehearsal dinner, just to name a few.


Reception hall, where to have? And who should we invite?

The music and photographers and a limousine seems right.

The bridal party, the gowns and tux, they all have to match.

This is just the preparation; the big day is coming fast!


The morning of the wedding, Mom is helping with her gown.

And Dad is helping with his tux, so his bow tie won’t fall down.

Everyone is at the church, the ushers do oblige.

The brides’ family to the left, the grooms to the other side.


The bridal party waits, until the music does begin.

As they play the wedding march, they slowly all walk in.

The groom and best man standing by the altar as they see.

Dad about to give away this bride, to her husband to be.


As they face each other and take their solemn vows.

They say they do and the Priest responds, you may kiss her now.

The mom and dad on both sides, sit in silent thought.

When they were born and as they grew, to this day it brought.


A tear is shed, a prayer is spoken that they are guided right.

And from the lessons that you taught, their marriage will be bright.

To love one another through good times and through the bad.

This is one thing they have learned from their moms and dads.


And when the day is over and their journey is just begun.

You wish them all the happiness, to a daughter and a son.


  1. Love and Marriage, it’s a wonderful thing when two individuals feel so much love for one another to want to commit to be with each other for the rest of their lives. The fortunately couples fulfill that vow of “Till death do us part”

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