Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 13, 2015

Lullaby Within The Wind~by Jessa’s Will



Lullaby Within The Wind

I write your name
Upon a darkened sky
And I whisper a beautiful lullaby
In the wind of the night
Humming the melody of my heart
Revealing how I feel inside

Can’t you see those glittering stars?
Dancing freely high above
Can’t you hear the symphony within the wind?
A song I secretly compose for your ears
Can’t you feel the beat of my heart?
Everytime the cold breeze touches your skin

Silently I utter your name
Welcoming heavy emotion to reside
A feeling that couldn’t be shoved
Nor I have word to define the feeling
Only I know
I yearn to have you near
Longing for your kiss
To drift me away into your fantasy
For I want to live in there
And become more than your ecstasy
A companion
For your soul
A lover
For your heart
A woman
In your life




  1. lovely poem, as a poet from south Africa I learn more from such keep up the good work

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