Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2015

Daily missive for Tuesday the 14th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 14th of July.

I still dance,
And the smoky kiss
Of the full moon
Warms the memory.
Whenever I stand
Beneath a naked sky
With its canopied beauty,
I remember
The breaking dawn.
The tinkling sound
Of innocence,
The joy in life,
A promise yet to come.
When the open sky
Was an umbrella
Beneath which
We sheltered
And never thought
To wonder
At its closing.
When laughter was
An easy gift to unwrap
The issue
Of provenance
And authenticity
Was never a question
Worthy of consideration.
Every moment
Was lived in honest
And purity of heart.
In the late hours
After the twist
Of a long day
Has taken its toll
On the ideals of morning,
Every time
There is a dusky sky,
With magenta reminders
And indigo murmurs,
I remember we both still dance.
And as the moon girdled in
The dust of dreams
Despite the honesty
Of its indifference,
Delights us,
I only want to dance
With you.


  1. Very beautiful!

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