Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2015

If I tell you ~by Jessa’s Will



If I tell you

If I tell you how damaged I am
Will you handle me with care?
For my broken heart is still fragile
Shattered by yesterday’s promises
And what if I reveal the ugly side of me
Will you still see the beauty in me?
For I’m carrying a nasty wound
Still it bleeds, grieving over my past history

And what if I reach out to you
Will you come out from your hiding spot?
Because I’m tired of chasing your shadow
And I had enough playing with your presence
Will you drop your masquerade?
And show me the feeling you hide
Touch me so I won’t be afraid
To find my solace in your arms

Then I shall strip my disguise
For you to see the inner me
And I shall kiss your lips
For I have your strenght in me
And forever I want to reside
Deep inside your heart
Planting the seed of love
And nurture the root of passion
Growing the tree of desire
And blooming the petals of ecstasy

No more secret
No more hiding
No more barrier
It’s just you and me
Just us


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