Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2015





My bare feet on the sand left its print
My steps covered with tide disappeared,
I longed for things unknown linking my fancy
An ungainly bird flying in the sky for nest
I was curious in my habit of flirt and flutter
But outlived all things vainly nameless in life.

Many things I saw of late living with their trace
My heart within it burnt for wasting my time
My father’s words I did not reason to try
But the sun was set and the days were gone forever
They went away without return address.

The clouds are decked with rain I learnt
Crowns the earth with green for many lives to live,
The roads are lonely when I don’t love the crowd
They have a voice and eyes to answer my questions
I see my shadow as there is always light behind.

Days were like birds to fly away from life’s bower
Flowers were unseen in fog and sun didn’t appear,
Now I am not worried of great things I missed
Caring each grass in my lawn and many little things ever
Life is like a waterfall but my thirsty mouth is so small.

Now I read my footprints before waves of time appear
Valuing each moment to get free gifts in life’s shop
When I miss one find someone else standing beside me
The lost days are like tears of a bride leaving one’shome
Find another for love in manifold from each corner.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi


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