Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 15, 2015

Daily missive for Wednesday the 15th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 15th of July.

Is it as simple as rain
The gentle washing away
Of yesterday.
The rinsing clean
Of old dreams
Turned to dust,
As well they must.
Draining away
Into the earth,
Seeping into cracks,
Filling them up.
A spidering web
Of capillaries
That bleed,
One into the other,
Forming rivulets
Of recollections,
A babbling of
Unremarked upon.
Soon to flow,
Endless and unbroken,
All the way
Unto the sea.
A miasma
Of lost dreams
And broken promises
Holding the
Draining leech
Of time
And its passing,
Unto itself.
Deeply cleansing
Salting it away,
Until the rising,
When all that
Once was lost
Will be
At last returned,
To begin again
A new rain,
As old as the hills,
Rolling in,
Riding on the
Bare back of thunder,
Ready to
Wash and go.



  1. I really like this one.

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