Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2015

Awaking of Dreams~by Norman Wilson



Awaking of Dreams

My eyes woven when the cock-crows
To weeping winds from night’s woes
Where deep sleep awakens within a glow
Glossing dawn in breaths early morning flow

I see a sun rising in flight of wakeful dreams
From creeping nightmares with gripping scenes
As a treacherous wind blows back upon my back
After a spartan night filled in torrid black

I wait and cringe with taken breath
With a pitch twisted within my cleft
As I cleave to words that cannot fetch
For what has transpired upon this wretch

Trembling affliction courses thru my fingertips
Of devilish dreams with crack of whips
Beating harshly then beating into my morn
With a band upon my braw bated in thorns

When upon my door I hear a rap
A tapping rapping tap-tap-tap
From the steeping of my tea I leap
To see what troubles me from my waking sleep

It is my girlfriend at my door
I need not fear anymore
From the dream that haunted my waking night
Into the early morn that held my fright

All rights reserved 06/27/15
Norman Francis

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