Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2015

Daily missive breaks into the weekend. Saturday the 18th of July~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend. Saturday the 18th of July

What of reality,
Where does it lie?
If not in the shards
Of so many broken truths,
Scattered among
The bits and pieces
Of a collective recollection.
An understanding
Refracted through an imperfect lens,
When even the most subtle variation
Clouds the issue of certainty,
Changes the belief in meaning,
Alters the truly, comforting view,
The rush to judgment,
Twisting and turning
From one moment to the next,
Changing its position
In the heart of your imagination.
At first glance,
Scenes from your window
May look blank and flat,
A linear sky, a predictable array,
Drifting by
To all intent and purpose
Following its own path.
And yet with a second look you see
It to be in a state of constant
Consistently re-defined,
Its construction
Continually affected by
Atmospheric distortion.
Changing by proportion
It creates an enigma,
That is full of variation,
Pregnant with
A promise of impossibility.
By degrees,
Shifting on the wind,
Magnificent castles are
Gradually formed,
Only to be torn down by
An army of giants butterflies
Wielding pitchforks,
And man gods
On dancing horses.
You can be carried
On a journey into the future
Create an escape into
The meander of experience,
The spark of an idea,
That may grow
To fill the palette of your truth,
Colour the landscape
Of your youth.
How easily
The reality of self
Becomes lost in the miasma
Of broken things.
The product of a rainbow
A splintered spectrum
That manipulates meaning.
The creation of life,
As seen through a cracked lens.
When the same,
Distorted view
Is coloured a different hue,
Dependent on the vagaries
Of memory,
And the recollection
Of circumstance.

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