Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2015

Delicate Melancholy~by Jessa’s Will


Delicate Melancholy

I look upon the paper
As a blank canvas
For me to paint my imagination
Filling up the empty space
With a little touch of mine

Spilling my thought
Through the ink
Word by word
Verse after verse
Bit by bit
And the beauty starts to emerge

My quill couldn’t stop moving
Dripping the feeling inside
Filled with emotion
High and low
Expressing the character
Sketching the image
In this writing of mine

Finally this piece is done
And I read it again and again
Analyzing each line
I could see the picture
I could sense the tense
I could feel the passion
Because what I just created
Is the portrait of YOU
Carved within my words
A delicate melancholy
An ultimate poem
Written by me



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