Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2015

Paint Me A Picture~by Treasure Gems Pearl



Paint Me A Picture

Paint me a picture
Of green and blue
Add some yellow, pink and purple hue
Add a fawn for me and you

Paint a cabin near a flowing river
With a snow capped mountains to the sky
Paint trees that hug the ground
With branches that love to fly

Paint a sun directly at noon
Paint it yellow bright and cheery
Paint birds that flock in spring time
With fledglings that don’t get weary

Paint a picnic table near a huge Oak
With squirrels that scamper about
Paint them collecting acorns
And hiding them with out a doubt

Now paint a picnic table
Set for only two
Now hold my hand
Let’s step in it, and enjoy the view

TGP 7/18/15


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