Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2015

They just don’t care~by rldubour



They just don’t care

There must be something in the air.

Today it seems they just don’t care.

The violence moving forward

Building to a boil.

Too much blood being spilled

Right here on our home soul.

This problem has velocity

What happens when it’s at full speed?

I hate to even think of this

Will peace get up and leave?


My heart is heavy when I see

What our children have to face.

I won’t be here to protect them

I leave it all to faith.

To faith and all their teaching

The moral values of this life.

To walk their path with knowledge

To do what’s always right.

I fear, I pray that is enough

To guide them through their life.


This violence problem

More and more getting out of hand.

Is Armageddon coming? For all woman

And all man.

I do not know this answer, I have no crystal ball

All I see is here today

The future will be Gods call.

Society must change direction

Before we lose all peace.

The bible says an eye for an eye,

Or is it, turn the other cheek?



  1. I like the two last lines the most

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