Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 21, 2015

Unconditional~by rldubour




Very few relationships between woman and a man

Are considered unconditional, but they do the best they can.

In this case unconditional means there is no limit

What type of relationship would have such a word that’s in it?


I don’t think most women would dare even to allow

A word like unconditional be any place in their vows!

Wives tend to be possessive when they have a spouse

Unconditional is a word that most will do without.


Men can be the same way even jealous more or less

Yet! Unconditional is a word we often like to test.

Like a little boy with mommy that goes outside to play

We will do things we should not do and try and get away.


All wives have this intuition and they know just what we do

So guys don’t even thing of it, the end result we lose.

No matter what we do unconditional does not apply

They have their laws and rules in life in which we must abide.


Now if you’re brave and if you dare, don’t say I didn’t warn you

When you’re out with the boys, unconditional has no value.

Just be prepared when you get home and she’s waiting at the door

For anything that she might do to even up the score.


She’ll give out your sentence there and then and say it’s purely medical

I just suggest that you don’t use this word, unconditional.



  1. I personally like the word unconditional, when you give your life to another, it must be unconditional, or the relationship will never last. Only my opinion.

    • read this again! you got it all wrong

  2. Possibly we both have different meanings of the word unconditional!

  3. Some people will say that unconditional is the wrong word to use in some cases, i can agree somewhat, because unconditional CAN mean different things to different people. Case in point: unconditional will mean that you will never do anything “wrong”, to others, it means that you can do almost anything.

  4. This might be true Ron!

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