Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 24, 2015

Daily missive for Friday the 24th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 24th of July.

I saw you today.
Not in the pattern of the rain
With its oil skin stream
Splashed up by trucks
And cars,
Engulfing the windscreen,
Over worked wipers,
Working in unison.
Standing water
Running down hill
Lifting wheels off the ground
Sending tails into a spin
And causing mayhem.
Nor was it in a dream,
A slip and sliding
Whimsical delight which
Drifts into the realm
Of fear and flight,
When all that was, is lost
And never found,
Even in the searching.
Neither were you
Standing at the door,
Big brown eyes wide open
Full of expectation
Waiting for your children,
Running out to meet the car
With an umbrella,
To compensate for
Their summer wear
So ineffective in the rain.
No, you were not there,
And yet, I saw you
Hiding in bold silhouette,
Smiling through the
Changing contours
Of your daughter’s face
The shape and proportions
Of her nose.
You were there
In the timbre of your son’s voice,
The questions he asked
With that same cheeky grin
And open curiosity.
I saw you in them both my son,
As I always do.
A comfort and reminder
Of your absence.
But still a pleasure,
For in the moment you are there,
All is set fair with the world.
And for that reason
I need to look at them
Over and over again,
To bathe in the reality
Of their presence
And so I can be sure
It is true,
That today,
In my Grand children
I really did see you.

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