Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 26, 2015

Nature’s Home~by Norman Wilson



Nature’s Home

I see a river running through the woods
Where oak trees stand tall and strong
In the wilderness of fauna and flora
Where footprints of man do not belong

I hear the droning winds tediously gusting
Thru peaks of the trees with flapping leaves
I see the trade winds strongly bearing down
Where delicate flowers bend to the breeze

Petals are tumbling in plumes of light red
Splitting ginger rays in new hues of play
In a kindlier space giving nature meaning
In colours that only nighttime can betray

There is serenity within nature’s kingdom
An earthly garden to view yet never owned
So let the rivers flow and trade winds blow
Where nature’s creation can grow in its home

all rights reserved 07.15.15
Norman Francis

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