Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 27, 2015

I let go~by Nutan Sarawagi

Imspired by Phillip Matthew Roberts


I let go

In my reality
lay my cry
to be extinguished
I no longer cry
It was my reality
In it i lay still
As death in it to kill
But it wouldn’t go
It held me in it’s throw
Deep within me
Tight , like an arrow to a bow
As i tried to let go
It held me tighter , than ever before
Holding me to myself
To never go
As i hold it to me
Flushed within
Gripping me tighter than death …more than me
It refuses to now go
it has come to stay
to be a part of me to this day
as it holds me in it’s clutches
in it’s clutches i let go
it lives in me forever

is it a dream , I hope so ,
i let go
as a dream
to never haunt me
it was my dream
a dream in which I live no more
in my reality
I dream
In my dream
I let go !

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