Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 27, 2015

NORTH LOVE STAR ~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




A star shining deep down
Over the north sky!
My vision got caught in a fix
Anxiety birthed curiosity
To feel as close as my beats!
Tried to capture its image
In photo nomadic layers
Seeking a serene love!
To my dismay,
Mind got eluded
As if it got what it desired
Felt heart throbbing
For this strange north star!
Couldn’t feel reciprocation
From this celestial star afar,
Without any rejection symptom
Though light reflected by it
Reaching all the way to my soul!
Soothing and making it cool
Nevertheless problems started
Surrounding the love star
In many fold aspects
Can’t remain unmoved by
The storm of emotional austerity!
Feel helpless to help
This big star shining
Over the north-west sky!
Never asked for any aid
An intellectual and socio active
But intelligently shy!
The shimmering star, I love
May live in my heart, always,
Enjoying an eternal loving stay!

By Jagjit Singh Jandu (Jit)
@ July 27, 2015
© All Rights Reserved

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