Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2015

Horizon’s Voice~by Paul F. Lenzi



Horizon’s Voice


"Blue Horizon" Painting by Karon Melillo DeVega From

“Blue Horizon”
Painting by Karon Melillo DeVega

I am horizon
celestial seam
where convene
men and angels
in purpose
more noble
than flesh
more human
than holy

I am horizon
a meeting place
realms of creation
enabling exchange
of learned wisdom
in mutual aid
of abiding

I am horizon
edged joinery
piecing the land
sea and sky
treelines drawn
from the hemlines
of heaven the end
and beginning
of everything


  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

    • thank YOU for allowing me!

  2. First of all, i’d like to say i love that watercolor. Second, i like the way you wrote it. Definite hidden rhyme scheme, it may be “messy” as the ones that believe the only true verse is a steady rhyme scheme, i look at it as it is, free verse.

  3. I say hidden rhyme scheme because only those that can really understand what you’re saying and how you’re making it rhyme truly understands the “hidden” part of hidden rhyme scheme.

    • try 4 sentence stanzas, first line 8 syllable second line 6 syllables 3 rd line 8 and 4th line 6 to begin with your second line ending words and your forth line ending word should always rhyme try this and let me know this will help a great deal, Ron

      • I’ll try it. It might take me close to a month or two. My thinking process isn’t the best.

      • you will do fine!!! keep at it

  4. I will.

  5. I forgot to put after the i will that i’m trying to put an old one on amrapoetry, since it’s the most recognized of the sites.

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