Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2015

Bad Apples~by rldbour



Bad Apples

Do people really hate that much?

Let us stop and take a look!

Should we hate the Germans?

Cause Hitler’s mind was cooked!


Why not hate all Christians?

KKK claim they are!

Why not just hate everyone

That live near and far!


They say one bad apple

Can ruin one whole bunch

This is true with mankind

Many don’t have a hunch.


Religion plays a huge role

In hating of a brother

Across the spectrum we can see

That hatred must be smothered.


One bad apple is all it takes

To lose all common sense

Love is gone in one’s mind

And hatred now is spent.


We hate those of different color

And of different faiths.

What is wrong with everyone?

This is our world they make!


We persecute many groups

This is just not right

Because of a few bad apples

Violence is their light.


Hatred is not religion

It is the opposite of life

We are here to live in peace

Put down the gun and knife!


  1. It is good to remember that one bad apple does not stand for everyone.

  2. Some are born bad, however the one bad, of whatever ethnic background should not have an influence to others to hate any particular ethnic group. Good points made in this poem Ron.

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