Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2015

Cloudy Days~by rldubour



Cloudy Days

Gone are the colors of the autumn as winter comes to pay.

Cold is fast approaching as the sun does fade away.

The nights are colder and the days are gray.

As you gaze out the window, on this cloudy day.

The leaves have all fallen as they cover up the lawn.

Mother Nature is preparing, for old man winters dawn.

With frost on the flowerbeds as you smell the cold crisp air.

You sit there by the window and watch as if to stare.


For a moment you feel content, then you feel a chill.

As you down a sweater and you sit there still.

With many thoughts deep in your mind putting them all in line.

Thoughts of the past and future taking one thought at a time.

They speak of cabin fever when you have to stay inside.

That’s when the dark clouds come and cover up the sky.

Snow will soon be falling as if a blanket on the earth.

And Jack Frost will come calling, wearing his heavy shirt.

The winter brings the holidays, with spring not far away.

All this I see through the window, on this cloudy day.



  1. Nice thoughts about the coming of winter, the chilly days, snow, and the approaching holidays. I’m glad you mentioned the hope of the spring.

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