Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2015

Daily missive for Thursday the 30th of July.~by Peter Forster


Daily missive for Thursday the 30th of July.

Just a little bit of cafe indulgence.

He was a grown man
And wore a baseball cap
Back to front
On an overcast day in England,
What is that about.
He carried a tray
Filled with pastries
And cheesy toasties
To an overloaded table
Where a woman sat
Sporting a high viz tan
From out of a can.
She had a blond thatch
With a growth of
Dark roots to match
The true blue, Chelsea tattoo
And the bruise under
The eye,
From the accident
Of the night before
At closing time.
He needed to keep
Her in line
But she had
Caught the back of his hand,
Too full,
Flush on the chin
And tripped over a garbage bin.
So he picked her up
And threw her in.
He thought she was out
On the pull
When he caught her.
Out with her daughter,
From a previous relationship.
He just meant it to be
A little clip.
But broke her nose
And busted a lip.
It was her fault though
Not his.
After all she was supposed
To be at home
Making his tea,
Not in a club, drinking bucks fizz.
‘…It is a women’s place…’
He said with a straight face,
‘…That is where you should be.’
But that was last night
And today
Is for signing on
And shopping for essentials.
A few cans
And some basic fundamentals,
Like chicken nuggets,
Oven chips
And clementines.
Not tangerines
As he dislikes pips,
And a stop for lunch
In the cafe,
As he tries to make up
For his stupid gaff.
He will be more careful
Next time.
After all he is the boss.
But if she wants to
Blow him off
That will be her loss.
He could really show
If he wanted too.
But then,
Who would cook tea,
Wash his tracky and trainers
And clean out the loo.


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