Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 7, 2015

……… GRAFTING OF BEAUTIFUL BUD…….. (FOR PLEASURES OF EYES).. 11~by DrSatinder Parkash Nanda




Outgrowth on beauty tender stem
Consisting of a lively shortened stem,
And immature leaves, healthy flowers,
A flower that has not yet opened, graft
Bud into another beautiful lovely plant,
Insert a bud from one plant into the bark,
Of another beautiful, attractive, plant,
In order to propagate a lovely plant
From that yet not opened lively bud.
Gardening in beauty garden,skillfully,
Ever alluring, exciting, nerves-seducing
Pleasing, impressive, for the pleasures,
Of earthly human beauty-crazy eyes,
The reproducing asexually, an outgrowth
That eventually separates to form a beautiful,
New individual, to retains the beauty ever
Pleasing and impressive qualities to look at,
The physical personal appearance, of flowers,
The only soothing, relaxing, stimulating ardour!!
The heavenly blessing to earthy love nd life?

Copyright © Dr. S. P. Nanda. “Aas”… 08-08-2015


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