Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 9, 2015

Best served cold~by rldubour



Best served cold

According to the bible you should turn the other cheek.

This does not mean you’re afraid nor does it mean you’re weak.

When it is time to even up and settle a nagging score.

I will tell you how to do it and a whole lot more.

When something bad has happened and been done deliberately.

A time and place for everything as you will shortly see.


Just go about your business do not think about that day.

Because you know in good time, someone is going to pay.

They just can’t get away for doing what they done.

Their day will come, just don’t know which one.

When it does they will not ever think it’s you.

They will end up paying for their severely awaited dues.


They will not even think it’s you that event was way too old.

This is why I will say, “Payback is best served cold!”

Now if you have a confrontation it is best to walk away.

Unless it is life threatening there is no other way.

Especially when a loved one of the matter their at hand.

You know you just can’t walk away you’re forced to make a stand.

Just don’t get excited and listened to what they say.

Walk up to them and tell them, “Now it’s time for us to play!”


Most of the time they will back down and won’t know what to think.

Keep your mind on track and pretend you just came from a shrink!

I hope I gave some good advice on how to remedy some troubles.

But, I must warn you, your troubles could be doubled.

Now if you think you really must not let it get to old.

This is why I will always say, “Payback, is best served cold!”

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