Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2015

COLOURFUL PASSIONS..~by DrSatinder Parkash Nanda




Fear of Master, Creator, God,
Fate, Destiny, unnatural all?
Creations of fearful mind,
Illusive, irrational thoughts,
Dragging into, aimless hauls,
Sensuality is the reason of all,
Sexuality generative force,
Our births sensational drill,
Amorous play of sensual thrill,
Fake all sociability, outer skill,
Of natural fleshy,body’s needs,
Throw us on this burning earth,
Without any help, supportive growth,
Forcing us to exist on this earth,
Endless struggle for existence,
From unwanted birth to death,
Where Creator, Master, God?
We are origin of natural process?
We are victims of illusions, fate,
Myths,Ignorance,useless faiths,
Lovers of beauty, flowers, rose,
Emotional mammals, enduring more.
Hiding in the colourful passions,
Alluring, seducing visual sessions.
Changing shapes, shades of skin
Childhood, Youthfulness, Maturity
Decaying old age, possessions.

Copyright © Dr. S. P. Nanda”Aas”. 12-07-2015

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