Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 21, 2015

are you my …………..?~by Nutan Sarawagi

These lines were inspired by the famous poet Ron DuBour


are you my …………..?

We may fear them in the night
More than fear , it’s their right !
They may appear daunting , in their fear wanting
but we feel them all right !
In them no explanation given , for they are alive !
they follow you day and night , the spirit of your life !
they live in you , if you will let them all right !

Set them free
loosen your mind
and you will hear them forthright !
they may first appear haunting , unbending souls
but free them to be with you and me
as loving as us
free as you and me !

Catch them in whispered corridors, walking in the door , creaking under the staircase ,telling you they are your friends in good or bad , to never leave them , however much you feel them to be bad !

to take away your sadness as they live in you , your furniture bellowing in their search for you ,
talk to them ,
whisper in ears so rare ,
as they catch you in whispers under you to bare !

to bare your souls , never to try and dare ,
for they are your friends , lost in time, we call them spirits ,
beware !

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