Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 23, 2015

Mahalo~by rldubour

Written for Tina at her request

Happy fiftyish to her husband Joe.



I want to say MAHALO, MAHALO one and all!

In Hawaiian this is THANK YOU, we all just had a ball.

MAHALO to my darling wife and to my family.

MAHALO to all my friends that came to celebrate with me.

To celebrate my birthday, all together for awhile.

MAHALO once again, the theme was Hawaiian style!

Hawaiian music and entertainment even had the leis.

MAHALO to you all, you made my special day!

Mai-tai’s and margarita’s and pina colada’s too.

Pineapples and Hawaiian punch and some Asian food.

MAHALO for all your kindness and your generous gifts.

MAHALO just for being here on my FIFTYITH.

MAHALO for the memories, I will cherish everyday.

MAHALO to my friends and family that God has sent my way.

Au ia oe Joe


  1. Ron, what a great way to say “Thank You” I liked the poem.

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