Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 23, 2015

Obits~by rldubour




Everyday I read the paper and look at the obits.

I just look for names I know then sit and think of this.

I wonder if these people had knowledge in advance?

If they would write their own obits if giving half the chance?

Then maybe if one read this page they would not feel so bad.

Even find it interesting if they only had.

Death is not a sad event means only life on earth did end.

The soul that made us here on earth it is off to be born again.

The ones that loved them feel the hurt as they are left behind.

The pain they feel is in their hearts and will only mend in time.

Think of this if you could, just what would you say?

If you could write your own obits just before you past away.

Would you write your own true feelings and many of your thoughts?

Or would you write about money and the material things you bought?

Would you say, “I don’t want to leave, I love this life I have.”

Would you confess to all your sins even if they have been bad?

Just how would you rate yourself in all life’s categories?

Would you be honest and up front not telling any stories?

Just how would you grade the way you handled everyday?

Would you be an A or E or somewhere half way?

I will give a quick example of what one might want to say.

Like saying that I love you and mean it in every way.

A few last words from ones life before they go away.

What would your definition be with words used everyday?

“I tried to do my best through had work and honesty.”

“I tried to live will all the values that I had inside of me.”

“I tried to raise my family so they know what’s right and wrong.”

“To give them courage and the will to always carry on.”

“To know their loved everyday the most important part.”

“And let their mother always know she was the closes to my heart.”

“It does not matter what I did or even have achieved.”

“I will wait at heavens door for my wife and family.”

Everyday I read the paper and look at the obits.

And if I see my name there, I will sit and think of this.



  1. For me, just the fact that I passed on would be enough. My legacy would be to all that knew me and what I had accomplished in life.

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