Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 24, 2015

Cherry slush~by rldbour



Cherry slush

One hot day and in a rush, I stopped and got a cherry slush.

I have to stop this rushing around so I found a bench and I sat down.

As I enjoyed my cherry slush it made me think just what the rush?

Life is too short to be like this as I ate my slush and reminisced.

As I sat there and just relaxed the sights I saw just took me back.

People here and people there, people rushing everywhere.

Everyone was in a rush they all should stop and buy a slush.

I finished mine and wanted more, so I went back into the store.

Just took my time no longer rushed, how I loved my cherry shush.

Back outside and on my bench, this cherry slush is heaven sent.

I sat once more to view the sights as the day turned into night.

The people gone the streets were bare, as I just sat and did not care.

I laughed when I thought with no more fuss, they must be home with

Their cherry slush.

Before I knew it, dusk was dawn, I stood up and stretched and yawned.

As I stood there I thought and thought, just how many have I bought?

Who would think a cherry slush, would change my life all this much.

Now if you want me, here I’ll be, my bench, my cherry slush and me.


  1. Great poem Ron, what I’d like to know is just what was in the Cherry Slush?

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