Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 24, 2015

Daily missive for Monday the 24th of August.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 24th of August.


Who are you now?
Is this all it seems to be,
With the truth
Written in letters so bold
They can be read
A million miles away.
Do you tease
With clever words
That hint at creation,
When all the while
You hunger
For my blood.
Is your bed fellow
And it follows you around.
Where is it now?
I can see its outline,
What strange artistry
To capture the eyes
And paint the shadows
With barely
A hint of disguise,
Just enough
To fool a new believer.
You are the deceiver.
What can I do
When I see you
As you are,
Wrapped in a
Ragged shroud
Of naked ambition.
What will it take
For your radical
To give absolution,
Lasting peace
And restitution
To the world,
When it is
Soaked in the blood
You take
From my heart,
To nurture the seeds
Of the souls
That become
The foundation
Of your own corruption.

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