Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2015

Daily missive for Tuesday the 25th of August.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 25th of August.

What is it you want
That we have not already given,
So many times before?
Do you come to sit in judgement
Never at peace with what you see,
Though the toll you demand
Has been paid,
Many times over.
Who are you to me?
When even as I live and die
You learn so little.
From all this life experience.
The possibility it brings
Just frittered away,
Like so much loose change,
Brass farthings.
Are we so many?
Nought but a single stem
In a field of corn,
Our worth so easily bartered
With the cost of our replacement.
Are you even there?
On the outside looking in,
Wrapped in a finely crafted cloak
Of impartiality.
Do you choose your side,
From the beginning,
Sit on the right shoulder
Or the left.
And whisper in the appropriate ear.
Do you exist at all,
Without us?
Are you not just the self made product
Of our own disdain
For silence.
The carping voice within us all.
Do you not hiss
At every missed opportunity.
Feed on the fruits
Of the very dissatisfaction
You have sown.
Every time a new born cries
Is it nothing but the herald
Of a new dawn dying.
At the heart of the beginning.
The human race,
A beguiling journey,
Toward restitution.
Unless that too is an illusion,
A fools creation,
And as with so many
Imperfect dreams,
Doomed to fail.
When all things are developed
Through a prism of desperation,
When our demons are revealed,
Not as war and revolution,
But in a steady evolution,
Toward uncertainty,
When the only revelation is acceptance,
Through that lens,
We might then see,
The truth of what may be,
If there be a God
His words will lie in me.
Bring him forth,
I say.
Let us see his worth.
Is it not that he is we,
And we are truly,

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