Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2015

Scribe in Storm~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Scribe in Storm

So goes the scribe hiding behind each line
Awaiting for the sails to fall into decline
Surprisingly it was not the wind’s design
Hear it as storm growl and whine

Cherished flowers weep their tears
Comforting sun now scorch and sears
Wriggly spikey worm crawls and jeers
On the rainbow poison its spits smears

Gentle scribe hides in the cave
Warnings of the storm scribe already gave
To manipulating illusions never been a slave
No one believed, now comes the deadly wave

Scribe’s truth they made into lies
Scribe’s visions seen as insane’s vice
Scribe’s advice in the pig sty lies
Now the dawn’s light snuffed and dies

Yet even in cave the scribe holds to hope
Trust in Faith’s indestructible rope
Even in darkness scribe blindly did grope
Find the path no time for self pity mope

Still the scribe needs much needed rest
Scribe needs strength to pass the test
Drown in words numb the mind like jest
Taking not giving, this time is the best

Judge not the scribe as one with cowards
Wait for the season to move forwards
Brothers and Sisters scribes are no laggards
Their psalms as warnings to storm hazards

Scribe clearly is never alone
Scribe has the treasured funny bone
Soon the winds will change their tone
Scribe has read the scripts on the Holy Stone.


Scribe has them all for long.

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