Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 26, 2015

Campfire Tales~by Norman Wilson



Campfire Tales

Concealed in wake of drifting flames
From evil that defiles in haunting deeds
As children, roast chestnuts in open fires
While grisly figures lurk in marshy reeds

Ghouls shifting in sway of ghostly mist
Coming closer as repugnant tales be told
Flaming from rising cinders in fires light
As gruesome tales are about to unfold

Eyes all fixed on blazing kindling sticks
While a hellhole glazes in brilliant red
To direr secrets of a forest poorly kempt
As children malaise on tales of the dead

I remember horrid tales of my childhood
As years creep into the darkness of night
The campfire stories still seem so surreal
As I fall asleep at night with my flashlight

All rights reserved 08/17/15
Norman Francis

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