Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 28, 2015

Daily missive for Friday the 28th of August.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 28th of August.

A coin has two sides.
A bulb can be turned
Either on,
Or off,
Unless it’s a dimmer,
When the glow can be reduced,
To a lumin
Less than a glimmer.
When released
An object can go
Either up or down,
Rarely does it float
Unless it’s a boat.
The opposite of hot
Is cold.
These two words are
Often sold
Especially when
The topic is the weather,
Or a bathroom fitting.
But in reality
Heat is a relative construct,
More than a theory,
Or even a concept.
It can be nothing at all
What you want,
Or expect,
And depends on the context.
It can be colder,
Or warmer,
With words that are barely
More than arbitrary,
Subject to the influence
Of emotion,
And open to
It means different
Things to different people,
Who themselves
Can be measured
On a sliding scale,
Dependent on the warmth
Of a greeting,
An impression given,
However fleeting,
That can prove difficult
To shift,
And can create
An enormous rift,
Preposterous to behold.
When if truth be told,
We can all blow
A little too
And cold.

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