Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2015

Magical. Beautiful ~by Sandra Regina Viana



Magical. Beautiful

Magical. Beautiful and Enchanted Evening My Loves !!!
Wherever you go, there will always be a light
to enlighten you!
That every good wish harvested on this day.
Be the sweetness, ending in poetry.
The tenderness of gentle sleep.
The Caress of soul rest.
The charm that lulls the dreams.
Faith that everything will be perfect.
In the blessed dawn.
To compose a new poetry made of love.
With every right.
To do and be happy.
Thank you …
It is one of the integers feelings.
Blooming in the soul.
And the sweet calm;
If you do embrace.
With pure good will.
Of every blessing received.
Every moment of life.
That makes lace,
If tenderness makes every step.
And it leaves the heart.
In so true moments
The happiness in the eternal reason.
To be sweetly gratitude.
That every moment be blessed.
A gentle sleep, enchanted dream.
In the sense of love that blossoms;
In the heart that never forgets.
To thank every blessing received.
And embrace life;
The whole happiness of knowing that the new day.
It will be a beautiful and sweet poetry.
To compose.


  1. life as lace…interesting metaphor. 🙂

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