Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2015

Forever Broken~by Norman Wilson



Forever Broken

The tears fell as leaflets
Falling down from my eyes
On bedrock of cinders, burning away
Long, long away
As the bringer of rain
Onto the red hot embers
Once stoking the fires of my heart
Before the raining tides

A forest of green now burnt brown
Brown as the dirt
Covering the ground
The dirt that I cannot hide
As I tried to scrub and wash away
Away, away
While it clung tight to my insides

The birds woke but could not sing
For all the horrors that my night brought
In rot of thoughts and words spoken
Not sparing any of my two languages
That should have remained unspoken
That left two hearts shattered
Then, forever and ever broken

All rights reserved 08/23/15
Norman Francis

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