Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 3, 2015

The Moroccan Man~by Karen King

Hello everyone, here is my PFTD


The Moroccan Man

The Moroccan man glides across the desert,
His sandals sinking into the sand, spilling onto his scorching toes.
He follows the line of curving candles towards the camp fire.

The Moroccan man sits down and the sand embraces him.
Like a long lost friend.
He smiles to himself as his gaze wanders wondrously
Towards the magnificent mountains.
They glow grandly, pink and orange, illuminating his imagination.
Ponderous, puffy clouds circle the sky, teasingly,
Occasionally peeping from behind the mountain.

The Moroccan man dreams of finding someone special to share
This surreal scene.
He sits, suspended in time, sipping his tea.
He notices a line of camels and men in the distance,
The sky silhouetting them.
This mysterious, magical vision is exquisite and exotic.
As he watches, they fade into the distance,
Their appearance now like tiny particles of sand.
Destination unknown.

The Moroccan man wonders where his life is going,
What is the next path that he will take?
He has his plans, but life is an amazing adventure.
Sometimes when we are not looking,
There is an unexpected event and our lives are changed forever
As one link in the chain leads to another …
As he thinks, the sky darkens, stars shimmer …
The magical moonlight shines sublimely.

The Moroccan man is a nomad
In his imagination.
But he is here just for the night.
The amber light from within his tent tantalisingly flickers,
Casting light onto the nearby sands.
Coldness creeps around him.
Like ghostly fingers in the night.

The Moroccan man enjoys the perfect peace,
His soul serene.
He feels at one with the desert.
There are no boundaries.
Is he the desert or is the desert him?
He is happy in his desert of dreams.

The Moroccan man can sense another presence,
A soft, sensuous feeling surrounds him.
Fantastically feminine and all encompassing.
He can see a white dress billowing around him,
But her back is turned and no face is revealed.
He turns to his tent, wondering who this creature is
And when will she show herself in his life?

Venetia Venus Copyright 2015



  1. The last two paragraphs were the best to me, because the last two paragraphs say her’s at peace w/

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