Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 4, 2015

My Father’s Poem~by Norman Wilson



My Father’s Poem

My father told me to give you this poem
Seven days after he was gone
He said he was sorry he could not stay
As his heart was not entirely that strong

He knew when he made the split with you
He was not going to be on earth very long
That is why he left you, with nothing to say
Even though he knew inside, that it was wrong

He bestowed his favourite poem upon you
Words that would dance like the waves from the sun
On the pavement that you both shared together
To the rising of your early morning run

He told me to say “my sweet” for one last time
In addition, to hold you tight if you should shed a tear
He wanted you to know he loved you very much
However, it is time to find new joy in your remaining years

Here is the poem, for I must go now
As I have spent way too much of your time
What is that you said my sweet dear friend
You will need that hug of mine

All right reserved 08/30/15
Norman Francis

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