Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 9, 2015

Daily missive for the 9th of September. Pond life.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for the 9th of September.
Pond life.

There are very few angels
Snuffling in the mud
Searching for scraps
Fighting for space
Among the bottom feeders.
They hang out with clowns
And dodge predators
Using the carbonised bones of
The dead and dying
As refuge,
To escape the sharks.
Killers in white suits
Who strut their stuff
Afraid of nothing,
Never still or sated,
Always on the make
Waiting to take
Whatever they want.
Sweeping from side to side,
Cruising around,
Dangerously elegant
And eagle eyed,
Looking for an easy mark.
They can make a dogfish bark
And rarely settle
For a seal of approval,
Or a dance with penguins,
Only giving way
To the blue bloods.
The strongest link
In the food chain,
They rarely swim with grey fish
And hold their breath
Whilst diving in the deep
Basking in the
Dull glow of low-life
For a while,
Before heading up
To sunlight,
Fresh air
And the freedom
Of the open sky.

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