Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 9, 2015

News, Media, TV~by rldubour



News, Media, TV

What if we had no news?
Then what would we all choose?
What would we listen too?
Or what would we pursue?

Why do I ask you say?
Just a private survey
There’s something that I see
That has been troubling me.

The media today
Bad news to display!
With nothing good to say
Is there a better way?

The ones who are insane
Would they stop seeking fame?
The spotlight was their aim
To make us know their name.

They get their name in lights
I’m sure they take delight
On paper and TV
They will remember me!

Could this be how they think?
Making the news their link?
How famous they can be,
A possibility?


  1. Very true, Ron. 95% of people want fame, n’ they don’t care how they get it.

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