Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2015

The September Terror September 11, 2015~by Karen King



The September Terror
September 11, 2015

Many lives lost crashing to the ground.
Dreams were taken while bodies were found.
Amidst a rubble of sheer terror, hope was lost.
They burned into ashes plunging with a deadly cost.

The two towers were tyrannized twixt twirling turpitude.
Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! They burned like victims of arson.
It was raining bodies, a horror conjured by Vlad.
The ground zeroed into ground zero like Auschwitz.

Oh! The horror that was summoned that day!
The Pentagon became the Octagon of terrorism.
The deaths were dramatic like Armageddon on land.
It was the epitome of annus horribilis in 2001.

My world shattered on this day of evil,
Giving me nightmares with a traumatic upheaval.
I hid under the blanket fearing like children of war,
It struck my heart like a lightning stabbing a bleeding car.

Demons danced around the souls of terrorists,
O’er the trials and tribulations of the innocent,
Striking the fear in the heart of the vast world,
With unparalleled consternation of agonizing death.

The world will remember the day when justice fell!
The world will remember the day when hope vanished!
The world will remember the day when America was shot!
The world will remember that this day, we shall rise again!

A part of humanity died as a part of me died,
When numbers are flesh and bones burning;
As survivors struggle to live with the heart-breaking trauma,
To bring courage that life is no longer mundane but grim.

A rainbow flourishing with surreal realities.
‘Tis a glamorous reminder of the light,
Where things will forever be right,
As the light beams to the sky that’s pure.

Humanity is a persevering phoenix being reborn,
Where glory will be recovered with a knightly honor,
And hope will be protected by an invincible armor.
May we not forget the heroism as hearts glow again.

The bald eagle flies around the beaming lights with pride.
America! You are a hero of this grand world without fright.
You have beaten the Axis to the oblivion of their own torments.
You stand tall with a sense of justice, love and honor.

The spirit dominates the fate of fear into the dungeons.
The terror of this world will fall like the Roman Empire.
Tuesday was the day when men got depressed.
But we persist into the butterflies of our own beings.

Never forgotten yet well honored.
America was heartbroken.
It mended, survived and transcended.
It stands again as the sword against terror.

The memories of the perished beloved,
Glided around the rising dark clouds,
But shall remain pure in the injured hearts,
With their stories living beyond the grounded crowd.

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