Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2015

A lighter life~by Sandra Regina Viana



A lighter life

A lighter life is the result of revenues that simple …
type, a generous helping of patience extract,
over a cup of tea and a good mood salpicadinho
yummy zest that child of faith over …
and ready! Has worked!
It is ready a legal formula to untangle things.
You can also distribute seen?
Without penalty and without price!
So it was not already lost the day …
Thus, nothing was in vain.
As the wind carrying the seeds.
Life was silent and calm.
Sometimes weeping and poetry.
Sometimes laughter and hope.
An ever relive memories.
Already so far …
Everything was waiting, every storm.
In composed of all longing.
That nest was in the heart
Everything had your time, your lesson.
But there comes a time to flourish.
To see in the middle of winter to spring.
In all of tenderness and want.
In the eyes of each hold.
Who always saw beyond and lived to believe.
That all would one day blossom.
Sweet, beautiful, eternal love

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