Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2015

Wise Soul~by Karen King

Poem for Tomorrow – for my Son, Vincent


Wise Soul

This soul can be so wise,
a misfit of the modern world.
His soul, older than this tree, full of experiences,
has been and done many things.
Yet he cannot remember!

He is different and does not “fit in”
with the accepted way of being,
for he does not know the unwritten rules of life.
He does and says things which are unexpected,
and sometimes not appreciated!

He has his own opinions,
of which he speaks at surprising times.
The rest of humanity struggles to cope.
They judge and stand back in amazement.
Many people are pushed out of their comfort zone
and cannot understand his behaviour.
It is a threat!

What is wrong with being different
and standing out from a crowd?
Do we all have to fit in?
Why do we all have to conform?
Is that the way forward?
Who do we have to please?

It is time to stand up for ourselves
and become our true selves.
Follow your soul and be yourself.
Take heed of this young in the photo.
Rise up to be the best you can!

“Poems for Humanity; Looking from the Sidelines”
Karen King Copyright 2014

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