Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 13, 2015

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 13th of September..~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 13th of September..


Anniversaries turn me back
And looking at the past
From a world of my creation
Is a bitter truth
That may never taste as sweet.
It is a mordant reverie,
To stand closer to the man
I thought to be
But further from the world
I used to know.
It cannot be denied
Adversity and life
Have changed me,
Not all for good or ill.
Although, mindfulness
And cautious self awareness
Are valuable gifts
To be richly celebrated.
But at what cost?
When so much is lost.
Can we pay too high a price
To be the better man?
Is it enough to have survived
Life’s spiteful challenge
And still remain upright,
When it might have been so easy
To fall by the road side.
Experience can forge a sharp mind
With a keen edge,
And temper wisdom
In a heart that barely smoulders.
Heed the call
And stoke the dying of the fires,
Feed the hungry embers,
That may yet burn with a warmer glow.
And in time,
Sadness, though deeply
Etched into the pages of a story
Will not steal the glory
Of the final line.
Words can themselves be golden,
And spin a thread, to mend a broken heart,
Weave new magic from
A tiny grain of truths
Finely craft the old sack cloth
Used to cover the grey ashes
Of our broken past,
And transform it
Into a silken cloak.
Of many hues and shades,
As may yet,
When worn anew,
With a more beneficent
Change this world
And lighten its complexion.


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