Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 17, 2015

Migration~by Norman Wilson




Lustreless is an unrefined parched sunrise
Yielding in grassy fields brushing ankle high
Unabashed below a crest of doffing clouds
Before grey offerings, above in a mocking sky

Rustic-red leaves slipping from perches high
Within a clustering of trees blocking my view
As colours drew upon a cool breeze teeming down
Capturing an autumn-summer in a morning dew

Breathtaking was my descent through the groves
In tender fescue strewn near weeds intertwined
Where kings and pawns walked once before me
Through a woodland so beautiful and refined

The wild birds of autumn-summer are now leaving
Blotting out the weakened sun shedding a sunshine
While the leaves kept on falling under the chirping
The chirping of nesting birds leaving summer behind


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