Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 22, 2015

Daily missive for Tuesday the 22nd of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 22nd of September.

Rattling around,
Empty on the inside…
There is nothing in here…
It is a statement, not a fact.
Nothing is a word and not a metaphor,
Not even a concept.
It is a blunt descriptor for so much
Using so little,
The emptiness it leaves in the saying,
Barely covers the gaps in its meaning.
Nothing is a failure before it even starts.
It is frail shorthand,
Conveying even less than little,
And features in conversation
As a convention.
If we stop to think
Its meaning would stretch
So far beyond our reach,
Its lack of ending,
The deepening of its progress,
Would be heartbreaking.

Even emptiness is relative
A vacuum never completely sealed.
And to understand the depths
We would truly need to trawl
To reach its rock bottom
We would fall for ever.
And that will never happen,
As forever will not end.
None of these things mean
Very much of anything.
And say little of solitude
What it truly means to be alone.
On the inside,
Where the space is even wider
Than the enclosing walls,
That shift and change as they inch closer,
Or sometimes move away.
The distance that falls between
Everything and nothing
Is unimaginable.
And yet the experience
Of gaining something,
Out of thin air
Remains a daily occurrence
For all
Who care to think about it.


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